My friend Marc Weidenbaum posted his interview of the musician Lesley Flanigan on his website, In reading it, this Q / A struck me:

Weidenbaum: I’ve read that Nam June Paik once witnessed Karlheinz Stockhausen rehearsing a performance with an orchestra, and Stockhausen called out to a specific musician that he was playing a note incorrectly — a slight infraction, like a flat instead of a sharp. Paik said he realized at that moment that he’d never have that level of musical fluency, and decided to go into an area that fascinated him and was uncharted, the art of technology. Listening to your work, I am reminded that what Paik saw as two different creative realms can, in fact, be bridged. How does that resonate with you, the divide that Paik suggests between musical fluency and new-media innovation?

Flanigan: I think the divide is simply between that of fluency and innovation.
Ultimately, any good art, or artist, balances both.