I can’t resist the opportunity of a post at the intersection of bicycles and design. Public is the new project from Rob Forbes, of Design Within Reach fame. They promote the bicycle as stylish urban transportation with their line of Public bikes. A recent email from them focused on stripes, and suggested that making the world nicer to look at is a worthwhile goal:

Public Stripes
We’re selling lots of items with stripes: bikes, socks, bags and more. One of our most popular items has been our Nutcase Helmet with PUBLIC colors and stripes. This pleases us for a couple reasons. First, helmets are usually a clumsy but necessary piece of gear for most riders. They are often unflattering to most faces and hairdos. But these simple helmets tend to complement most faces, while protecting the coconut. (They meet all the rigid safety standards set down by the CPSC.) Beyond that, stripes on helmets bring out smiles in the public, and whenever we can contribute to visual pleasantry in the world, we should do it.

I couldn’t agree more.