A rich haul from the December 2010 issue of Esquire magazine –

Aaron Koblin creates works of art from…data:

“Rich, granular data from the distributed sensors that are becoming so prolific in everything we do, from GPS to QR codes and every bar code known to man to flow monitors on electrical and water systems–all are ripe for an astonishing array of visual art the likes of which has never before been contemplated. And all offer an opportunity to understand the way the world works like never before. And to create something beautiful at the same time. Perhaps more than any working artist, Aaron Koblin is harnessing the medium of his time.

Two years ago, Koblin became head of the Data Arts Team at Google’s Creative Lab, where he sits at the nexus of the largest private data-gathering operation in history. A better patron an artist never had. And so Koblin sits at Google, and he thinks, and the data plays colors in his mind, and from that comes art. Not digital art. Art.”

Meanwhile, Tom Kuntz doesn’t create art in making the best television commercials of recent memory (e.g. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”):

“If Kuntz’s ads aren’t art–and, for the record, Kuntz does not believe they are–then they are as close to art as advertising is ever going to get. Partly this is a function of Kuntz’s singular vision and partly it’s a function of the current state of art–what is art now, from Damien Hirst on down, but a ‘prank on the client’?”