Re-posting my review of Marwencol from my movie blog:

I actually like this guy’s photos. His tableaus are amazing in their ability to coax realism from dolls. Realism in the sense of real human emotion, which we see in Mark Hogancamp’s transference of self into the alter-ego of a doll and the other dolls with whom his character interacts. We’ve all seen children engrossed in a play world of dolls which they have created. Hogancamp seems to have that childlike ability to believe in his dolls.

And so I agreed with the gallery owner who spoke of the purity of expression here, contrasting Hogancamp’s work with, say, another artist who might shoot photos of dolls with a ‘wink, wink, I’m photographing dolls.’ None of that here – the work is real, and Hogancamp’s intentions are genuine.