In the beginning of TED the ‘E’ stood for entertainment.  Many people thought it stood for education and people would describe the conference as the ‘Technology, Education and Design’ conference, and I said, ‘no no no it’s Entertainment!’  It’s the entertainment industry that allows for design and for technology to work, that allows us to understand.  The subtext was always the convergence of the technology business, entertainment industry and design profession in the service of learning and communication.  Education was not in there but learning was. I personally distrust, dislike the word education.  That there even exists a board of education instead of a board of learning outrages me.  But I love the word learning and the conferences are about learning.  Learning is from the bottom up, education is from the top down.  I do not mean entertainment in the comedic sense, although I love jokes, or the sit-com sense of entertainment, but entertaining never the less.  Because entertainment in its highest form is information in its highest form, they are both the art of technology and design, so I hope it is the art of understanding that takes place here is the art that I think is implicit in information architecture.

– Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the TED conference