How is it that art is good for us? Certainly we have more pressing concerns, like the federal budget deficit, the war in Afghanistan, the unemployment rate? I mean come on, if you are without a job, and wondering how you’ll eat next month, much less pay your mortgage, what use do you have in your life for art?

Fair enough. Unless you happen to have found a long-lost Renoir in your attic, art is probably not going to feed you. But if you agree with me that the purpose of art is to bring beauty and happiness into our lives, then perhaps you can find a little bit of spiritual nourishment, all the same. I also believe that you don’t need to be able to buy a ticket to SFMOMA in order to enjoy art. I’ve argued for years for a definition of Art that includes a beautiful sunset, or a perfect cup of coffee, or an idea that is shared. It depends only on the intent of the artist. Art is everywhere – live with it.

(And yes, you’ve seen that poster – or a variation of it – before on this blog. Can’t have too much art. Live with it.)