d'aprés Picasso

Here’s what I was thinking as I walked through and back and forth at the Picasso show at the de Young last weekend:

I’ve probably seen each of these pieces before, when I went to the Picasso museum in Paris in the… last century. And I realize now that some of them are actually over a century old. And we are lining up to see them, still. Good stuff, a lot of it, although undeniably there are pieces which are just sketches, ideas, unfinished and sometimes unpromising. But of course part of the fun of a huge show of a famous artist’s work is the opportunity to see these less-than-masterpieces, and studies for the big ones, and to be able to see interconnections and threads and stops and starts. With an oeuvre as large as PP’s, you could obviously fill quite a few blockbuster exhibitions with work.

I was also mining his work for some inspiration for a poster I’m working on for a show next month. Sometimes we borrow ideas indirectly, somtimes we pay homage, and sometimes we just blatantly steal things. Is this stuff copyrighted?

Next up, Dieter Rams at SFMoMA.