Okay, first of all, this post is pure design, not art. But I thought Slot worthy of discussion:

“Slot is a dynamic furniture piece. The sofa system finds new value and diverse functionality by blending the sofa, coffee table, and ottoman. It utilizes the common constructional gaps found between the cushions of the sofa by converting them into tracks for which the table can slide in and out. When slotted, the table acts as a console. When freed, it acts as a coffee table. The magnetically retained sofa cushions always find and keep their optimal position either atop the table for an ottoman or below for a coffee table. Slot features traditional construction with textile upholstery and finished bent plywood.”


At first I was enamored of this design: How clever! And multi-purpose! But on further reflection/inspection, a couple of things: While the right-angularity adds to its rubik’s cube appeal, it doesn’t look very comfortable, particularly the upright back. Plus, any coins lost here will end up on the floor.