Fantastic piece in the latest WIRED mag on Doug Aitken and his art train (whose journey will end in Oakland – I must mark my calendar).

Naturally, the piece delves into the question of what Art is, in the digital age. How do galleries and museums deal with changing technologies? How can they show a piece which essentially lives online? What about when the Art is based on software which is no longer supported by its maker, and thus unable to be played on new computers?

“This concern isn’t just intellectual. The tactical universe of high art—with its money, funding, and grants—is still very much gallery-based. Many curators aren’t sure how seriously to take the new digital artists, much less how to display what they do. They’re not even sure what to call the work. After all, much of modern digital art is essentially invisible. It’s code. It’s a process. Just looking at it isn’t enough. You’re supposed to experience it.”

Good stuff. Read the whole piece here.