Here’s a guy who likes books – as opposed to digital readers – for all the right reasons:

“I go to bookstores in every city that I visit, no matter how short the trip. Whatever the language is, I like looking at books, both the newest ones and the antique ones. I like to have them in my hands, simply because holding them wakes more senses than only the gaze. I enjoy looking at them, at the invention or purity of the typography, and the high qualities of the image reproduction. I like to see both hard- and softcover books and examine the diverse printing or embossing techniques. I also pay attention to the size of the book, the heaviness of the paper, the coated or uncoated surfaces, the almost unspeakable smell of the ink and the palpable noise of the pages as I go through them.”

The speaker is French graphic designer Philippe Apeloig, who has a book of his own due out this spring. That’s one I’ll be sure to pick up and smell…